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The Prince of Mystery

The Prince of Mystery

Skip Daniels (New Bedford, MA)

This show combines aspects of comedy, music, dancing, spoken word and magic to create a very novel show. The Prince has used his context of what a traditional and modern magic show is and has flipped it on its head. You will never look at a magician the same way again. Skip Daniels was born and raised in New Bedford MA. He discovered the art of magic at the age of six as a way of overcoming his extreme shyness. Unhappy with the modern interpretation of a magician, he had a spiritual rebirth as The Prince of Mystery.


SAT 6/15 @ 6:30pm
SUN 6/16 @ 8:15pm
TUE 6/18 @ 8:15pm
WED 6/19 @ 6:30pm
FRI 6/21 @ 10:00pm

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