PortFringe 23 Volunteer Oportunities

The performances at PortFringe are raw and unfiltered. We celebrate the strange and the uncomfortable, the howling and the cackling. We also celebrate the people who put the hard work in to make our festival a reality. Maybe it’s a little naive of us, but we believe that there is something incredibly special about our (ever growing!) volunteer culture of collaboration and community. At its heart, PortFringe is a group of people coming together and intentionally creating space; for silliness, sadness, weirdness, learning, sharing, caring, listening, shouting, and so much more. It takes a lot of hands and arms and hearts and lungs to hold that much space. Because of that, PortFringe relies on volunteers to help run the festival. In fact, we are an entirely volunteer run festival. That means that 100% of ticket sales go back to the artists. 

There is no experience level required to volunteer at PortFringe! While we typically have volunteers split into Tech or Box Office volunteers, we’re happy to meet you where you’re at. Rest assured we will find something for you to do! 

Perks of volunteering at PortFringe:

  • You might make a new friend
  • You might be inspired to make your own weird art
  • Someone will probably over enthusiastically hand you a sticker at some point
  • You will get to see some cool art
  • You will (hopefully!) feel like part of the PortFringe community

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