PortFringe ’24 Venues

We are excited to be in the East Bayside neighborhood again this year! East Bayside is emblematic of so much of what makes Portland such a great and cool city–it’s full of people and businesses who want to support weird art, it’s got a great vibe on every corner, and PortFringe will arguably be more walkable than ever before!

Please, while you’re here, get to know our neighbors. Buy a coffee, a beer, a local wine or hard seltzer. Visit a food truck. Visit the studios and makerspaces. Talk about what weird art you saw at PortFringe. Let’s continue to support the beauty of community, and welcome more and more people into it. Vive le Fringe!

About the venues

Rising Tide Brewing Company

103 Fox St, Portland, ME 04101


About the Venue/Business:  Rising Tide Brewing Company is an independent, family-owned brewery that anchors Portland, Maine’s vibrant East Bayside neighborhood. We are guided by creative flavors, quality, consistency, community, and a love of all things outdoors. Rising Tide supports our farmers, using local ingredients in every beer.

Seating Capacity: 65
ADA-Accessible: Open, 1-floor with multiple points of entry. Open hallway to restrooms.


219 Anderson St., Suite #1, Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business:  Blue Lobster’s winemaking philosophy is simple: create uniquely authentic tastes using the best grapes and wines from around the world, packaged to enjoy life the Maine way – in cans that can be easily packed and enjoyed while camping, sailing, hiking, and other activities in Maine’s great outdoors.

Seating Capacity: 35
ADA-Accessible: Open, 1-floor layout. Has accessible bathrooms.


200 Anderson St., Bay 6, Portland, ME

About the Venue/Business: Hi-Fidelity is an East Bayside nanobrewery focusing on low ABV beers (everything under 6%) in an array of American and English styles. They offer small plates/tapas as well as cocktails, wine, beer, cider, other non-beer options including coffee and tea, and a selection of malt sodas. Hi-Fidelity is also committed to promoting Art and Artists showcasing art exhibitions, open mics, and short-format work.
ADA-Accessible: Ramp access to main bar area + outdoor ground level tables. Single restroom, wheelchair accessible


275B Marginal Way,  Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business: SALUD Portland is a fitness facility offering a wide variety of boutique  group  fitness classes in Portland, Maine.They are a community of diverse yet  like-minded  individuals and families who are health conscious, value a wellness routine and live in an intentional way. 

Seating Capacity: 30 +/-
ADA-Accessible: Open, 1-floor space.


35B Diamond St., Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business: Three of Strong is a distillery and tasting room, creating premium craft spirits with an eye on community, quality, and sustainability. Born to celebrate the spirit of spirits. The Three of Strong tasting room is located in a converted warehouse directly on Diamond Street, a stone’s throw from Coffee By Design and the Bayside Trail. 

Seating Capacity: 80 +
ADA-Accessible: Key-operated lift to main bar area. Open hallway to restrooms.

Freedom’s Edge Cider

31 Diamond St, Portland, ME 04101


About the Venue/Business: Freedom’s Edge Cider produces hard cider from the heart of Maine. They go by 4 key values: Be yourself, work hard, be respectful, have fun!

Seating Capacity: 50+
ADA-Accessible: Open, 1-floor layout. Wide hallway to restroom area that includes individual toilet rooms with wheelchair access and communal, low-height sinks.


31 Diamond St B, Portland, ME 04101


Seating Capacity: 30
ADA-Accessible: Open, 1-floor layout of warehouse. Able to use garage door rear entry directly into performing space


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