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REVIEWS: Apocalypse Songs: A Solo Singer-Songwriter Storytelling Adventure Show

I’m still smiling, thinking of this witty and unusual group of musical musings on the end of the world, told through the lecture/class of a future graduate student. Shay slides smoothly from graduate student to the embodiment of “worlds’ explorer ‘Captain Redacted’”, through the use of a cap (and with audience assistance), singing Redacted’s songs and telling his stories through an engaging combination of poetry, prose and lively music, complete with sing-along audience participation. As an audience members we were encouraged to sing, sing even if we’re shy, sing off-key, stomp our feet and otherwise be engaged in the story. You’ve gotta respect a person in a mom-made jumpsuit. With banjo and mandolin, Shay serenaded us though the past/future songs and stories with skilled hands and a soulful voice. Shay ably portrayed both world-weary explorer and eager fan-boy grad student with distinct voices, and learning that there will always be more to learn is both disappointing and yet comforting, too.

–majeem, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

Set in the not-so-distant future, Aaron Shay portrays a student who stumbles upon the once classified recordings of a near mythic scientist who disappeared without a trace. His adventures are told through song and Shay’s musical performances are mesmerizing. Alternating between a banjo and ukulele and using his stomping foot as percussion, Shay also cleverly uses the audience as a makeshift choir to great effect. I may have found the story line a bit too cerebral at times but Shay’s powerful musical talent is the true star of the show.

–MARK MAGEE, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

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