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SHELLS, ROCKS, SEA GLASS – Polyphonic Theatre Ensemble

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POSTED 6/4/2023

Shells, Rocks, Sea Glass is an intimate and relatable experience. This one person show is enacted through a story told directly to the audience in a very casual and endearing way. We were presented with a ocean theme right from the start, even before the show began, by having anyone who wished to, add a rock or shell to the stage to be used in the performance. Also accompanied by ocean sounds and beach sand. The mythical yet realistic story being told, about magical creatures that once lived here and how things change, works as a compelling fairy tale that slowly evolves into a very human outlook on life, that anyone may be experiencing currently or sometime in the past. Overall a pleasant and hopeful experience, if not a bit shorter compared to other productions. But it does not outlive its welcome and ends putting a smile on your face.

submitted by: Elias Hoseason, PF23 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/9/2023

Shells, Rocks, Sea Glass is the feeling of calm as you sit quietly by the water in the early morning. The performance is intimate and open with a sense of comfortable shared experience between loved ones. If you are familiar Polyphonic and Megan T, the writing and piece is perfectly on brand in the sense that it is a modern day retelling with the feel of a fairy tale and Megan’s signature perspective. At its core, the piece provides a sense of profound hope and warmth and asks us to reflect on how things change.

submitted by: Lindsey Jade Higgins, PF23 Independent Review Team

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