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T4T: THEATRE FOR TRANS – Sampson Spadafore

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POSTED 6/2/2023

A lovely and personal piece that showcases Sampson Spadafore’s voice, movement, and “this trans body.” Nice choices of show tunes, including I’m Changing My Major to Joan, interspersed with a dancers grace in telling this short story of love and loss and love. Spadafore leaves you wanting a little more, which is always a good thing in a performer.

submitted by: Linda Shary, PF23 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/3/2023

Sampson Spadafore’s “Theatre 4 Trans” was a last-minute addition to the PF23 lineup, but an incredibly welcome and appropriate one to join “Life Goes On” for an all-trans ticket at High Fidelity on the first day of Pride month. Spadafore opens by asking us “what do you do with a liminal body?” — and then he proceeds to show us. The liminal body dances while poetry is recited in the background. The liminal body sings show tunes, their voice echoing through the space in such a way that one cannot help but share in their fierce & resonant joy. As Spadafore regales the audience with an arrangement of original poems as well as show tunes ranging from Fun Home to Funny Girl, we get to share in an even more expansive range of emotion & experience – fantasy, joy, fear, survival. If you want to see a queer show this Fringe but you’re not sure whether you want to laugh or cry, go see T4T – you’ll get both.

submitted anonymously, PF23 Independent Review Team

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