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THE BORING BORING COMPANY – Business Pants Corporate Theater

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POSTED 6/4/2023

The Boring Boring Company conveys exactly what its title says. Showing the audience a view into the mundane world of Monday morning meetings. Each of the four performers portrays a different side of blandness that shines through with the desired dry comedy we would expect from a premise such as this. As the show progresses, there are small moments sprinkled throughout of heightened emotion or movement, that gives a boost among the satire and monotone delivery of the rest of the performance. These moments leave the audience guessing where the story might be leading, and if the “boring” Boring company will ever break out of the mold that has been laid out before us. A solid comedic performance that showcases an actors ability to hold in emotion even during the silliest of times and while the audience cracks up throughout. At times I found running gags may have been overused and the runtime could have been shaved down a bit, but the an overall fun experience and a concept that isn’t seen very often.

submitted by: Ben Lorensax, PF23 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/4/2023

You’ve heard of “The Tortoise and the Hare”? Well, “The Boring Boring Company,” created by Business Pants Corporate Theater, applies tortoise strategy to its Fringe offering this year: rather than blazing through, not caring if the audience misses jokes, this ensemble goes for a slow-build style of humor. Repetition is key, the space between the words is key, and the funniest character is the one who’s not in the room. If you’ve ever sat through business meetings where nothing of any consequence seems to happen, it’s kind of like that — but with laughs to punctuate the proceedings. Bonus points here for a send-up of Elon Musk that’s brilliant in its indirectness. Wait for it…

submitted by: Amanda Painter, PF23 Independent Review Team

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