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Where Grief Sits – Sampson Spadafore

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POSTED 6/27/2024

Where Grief Sits by Sampson Spadafore uses fluid movement, singing and emotionally raw poetry to bring into relief the deep hurts of modern society. Spadafore embodies Death, Grief and a soul dealing with the comfort, familiarity and irritable violence of Grief itself. Relatable and vulnerable, this piece stands strong in its poise, lyricism and important subject matter. If you want to challenge binary thinking, experience the pain of doomscrolling and feel challenged to still find hope in the darkness, this is the show for you.

Submitted by Tarra Haskell: PF24 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/27/2024

Embodying several characters, creative movement, real news clips, and goosebumps inducing original songs, you are invited to explore what it means to be human in ‘Where Grief Sits’. From the start, performer Sampson Spadafore elegantly walks the audience through the realities of grief after losing someone you love. An often difficult topic to speak about with persons unprepared for public emotion, Sampson carefully guides listeners through smart choices of this emotion’s expression. Gracefully taking the audience through the various stages we experience after loss, be prepared to explore all the feels from beginning to end.

Still reminiscing on the presentation hours later, make sure you sit up front to see all of the action because ‘Where Grief Sits’ is beautiful and relatable show for any human.

Submitted by Christina W. Richardson: PF24 Independent Review Team

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