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REVIEWS: Cooking With Kathryn

Cooking With Kathryn

Can somebody please tell me why this show is only 30 minutes?!? Paired as a Double Feature, I loved ‘Cooking with Kathryn’ and want to see more of this adorable Christian Southern Belle with just a little too much going on. Showing up to her own birthday party, Kathryn takes us on a journey of energetic self-discovery as we wait for her friends to arrive for the festivities. Through the use of music, engaging audience participation, roll on the floor humor, realistic scenarios, and fantastic facial expressions, this show was amazing. A no-fear comedy, this is a must see.

–CHRISTINA W. RICHARDSON, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

Cooking with Kathryn grabs you immediately with a fantastic premise, then pulls you along, gasping for air, as you watch Kathryn slowly dissolve into a pink puddle of repressed Southern rage. Fearlessly performed by New York comedian Kate Owens, Kathryn is a seemingly good southern Christian, but as the walls of her self denial break down we become privy to hints of disturbance beneath the surface of the fun cheer bundle we are initially served. This show is hilarious. It had the crowd laughing, but also feeling decidedly protective of Kathryn as her journey of self-discovery becomes more and more embarrassing. Thought not really a cooking show Cooking with Kathryn leans into food-oriented slapstick to illustrate Kathryn’s inner challenges. As each delightful sight gag is triggered, we see more of her of her carefully prepared delusions falter, and Kathryn becomes someone we care for, are concerned for. But she is plucky, too. She won’t give up, and remains constantly rebuilding those walls. Furious, gratutious, and moving, this might be the best show you will see at PortFringe 2019. For fans of: Pink, brunch drinking, infantile Southern belles, repression

– ALLEN BALDWIN, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

It’s fun being a humanist these days. With your armchair activism and Facebook memes, what more do you need? Post a colorful picture of words—“If you need help, ask for help”—and now we all know: You’re a Good Person. You Care for Others. But what about when someone actually asks for help? Do you answer the call? Do you pretend no one is home? Do you post an encouraging GIF of a kitten? Or do you just say “Sorry! Can’t!” and carry on? What happens when you ask for help and get none?

–DOUGLAS W. MILLIKEN, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

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