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POSTED 6/8/2021 – An intellectual piece about what goes on in an artist’s head when the known rules of society change dramatically… Some good social commentary of the intellectual art world, if you’re into that.

–Anonymous, PortFringe 2021 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/8/2021 – The events of the past year have hit the art community especially hard. I Say It All Can Happen, written and performed by Narcissa Gold, shows how one artist comes to terms with those events while striving to become creatively true to oneself. The show tackles issues such as loneliness, depression, conformity of the commercial art world, the falseness of social media and American exceptionalism. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot visually going on. I do understand that is the point, but it plays more like a reading of an intelligent and well written essay than a film…The overall message is an important one and extremely relatable to artists of any type.

–Mark Magee, PortFringe 2021 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/8/2021 – The blank white canvas in the background informs it all. Razor sharp narration for anyone who has tried to create. A piece reflecting on the past, existing during COVID, but looking at the future. She kinda does the impossible and covers it all in a short film about creating, what’s in your head and how to face the modern world.

–Linda Shary, PortFringe 2021 Independent Review Team