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POSTED 6/10/2021 – SHADOWS OF MY FAMILY starts as a simple family history of American rural life, but grows into a tale of international intrigue complete with a car chase, gun play, lost love, and appearances by Argentinian dictator, Juan Perón. It is a true international romance, a fantasy of impossible scope, and the adventures of one incredible mechanic and his love of fine Italian rolling stock.

Producer, designer, and performer Jim Julien’s visuals are absolutely gorgeous. The story is primarily told through a series of intricately detailed shadow puppets filmed against faint projections of photographs. Though presented on video here, the performance is deeply theatrical in nature. The maturity of the craft combined with the fantastical nature of the story is a wholly delightful experience.

-Mike, PortFringe 2021 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/10/2021 – With an intriguing storyline shown entirely through skilled puppetry and paper cutouts, ‘Shadows of my Family’ is perfect for the whole family. A feast for the eyes and heart, this show is visually intriguing. A creative storyline showcasing impressive use of balance between words and connecting visuals, I would highly recommend this show.

-Christina W. Richardson, PortFringe 2021 Independent Review Team

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