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MAN ON A TREADMILL – PF18 Interview!

A moment with Kevin O’Leary of MAN ON A TREADMILL

Why did you choose PortFringe this year?
It is an honor to be part of a group that cares so much about the arts!

How was your show born?
The genesis of “Treadmill” began as a challenge to myself back in 1994. I’m pleased that 24 years later the challenge is being realized on stage.

What about the world *right now* makes it feel important to be putting this show out into the world?
Sometimes we get stuck; we get lost; in ourselves. and, sometimes we cannot help ourselves. We are all capable.

How would you describe your show to your mother?
Recognize anybody?

How would you describe your show to your crush?
Well, as she described it to me: “You go on like that for 52 pages?”

If any famous person could see your show, who would you pick?
Samuel Beckett—so that he could sue me.

Have you checked out the other shows happening during PortFringe? Pick one you are excited to see or learn more about and tell us why!
Kylie Groat’s piece. She’s my student.

Write a haiku about your show! 
a man is not bad
he tries the best that he can
do not judge him so


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