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SPINS – PF18 Interview!

A moment with Janoah “anygoodjokes” Bailin of SpinS!

Why did you choose PortFringe this year?
portfringe chose me!

How was your show born?
it was a home water birth. I was drowning, actually, then it just slipped out in a lake in Denmark ME. I was very relieved.

What about the world *right now* makes it feel important to be putting this show out into the world?
(sh)it spins out of control so spin with (sh)it!

How would you describe your show to your mother?
a wholesome wholehearted wholebodied wholelottalaughter circus show and my socks have absolutely no holes.

How would you describe your show to your crush?
i get (almost) naked and (entirely) sweaty and juggle six balls (really)!

If any famous person could see your show, who would you pick?
i don’t care so much about famous people i want YOU!

Have you checked out the other shows happening during PortFringe? Pick one you are excited to see or learn more about and tell us why!
pretty face, because i’ve seen the slightest hint of amanda performing and want to see much more!

Write a haiku about your show! 
some drops, it ok
gravities exist sometimes
awesome oscillates


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