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2201: A Porn Odyssey

2201: A Porn Odyssey
2201: A Porn Odyssey

2201: A Porn Odyssey

Wish Experience (Astoria, NY)

The year is 2201. Pornography has become self-aware and bent on destroying humanity. One man must overcome temptation, navigate the metaverse and save the world (and maybe himself). Join Dick on his odyssey to evade the clutches of Delta, an AI sex bot turned murderous, with the help of Ron, a beloved star from the golden age of porn! A one-man sci-fi tale of sex and love, violence and betrayal, with original music by Dan Ricker. A little Black Mirror, a little Debbie Does Dallas and a little Broadway!

Will Glenn and Trish Parry have been working together with Wish Experience for six years, and now Trish Parry produces Will Glenn’s foray into solo-performance, from New York, NY. Both have been performing on the fringe circuit since 2012 and are excited to come to PortFringe for the first time!


TUE 6/19 @ 7:00pm
WED 6/20 @ 7:00pm
FRI 6/22 @ 10:30pm
SAT 6/23 @ 5:15pm

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