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BEAR Necessities

BEAR Necessities

The Footlights Theater (Falmouth, ME)

BEAR Necessities is a love story between two men… told backwards. One straight. One gay. Exit the best friend. Exit the girlfriend. Exit the ex boyfriend. Exit the mother. And you are left with the BEAR Necessities… and a beginning (at the end) that will shock you. This play presents conflict and humor as our couple tries to survive life, love and its effects on one’s heart.

The Footlights Theatre (Falmouth, ME) celebrates its 6th season of live theatre, concerts, comedy and events. The Footlights Theatre provides an affordable venue for rent, featuring an eclectic playbill of performance artists and groups of all kinds.


SAT 6/16 @ 6:00pm
FRI 6/22 @ 9:30pm
SAT 6/23 @ 2:30pm

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