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May We / (Mais Oui)

May We / (Mais Oui)
Wide Eye Studios (Portland, ME)

In a grove, a middle place, our heroine, Imogen, encounters Adeia, the earthly embodiment of her eternal self, or is it the other way around?  Wide Eye Studios: Molly Hunt, Mary Kate Gilrein, and Crystal Vaccaro combine to create an original work that explores some of what is hidden. Written and directed by Molly Hunt and inspired by Mary Kate Gilrein as Imogen and Crystal Vaccaro as Adeia.  Portland, Maine. 

This show is part of an exciting PortFringe “double feature” event, which means you will see two short performances in the same one-hour performance slot. May We / (Mais Oui) is paired with Séance on a Tuesday Afternoon.


SAT 6/15 @ 6:00pm
TUE 6/18 @ 7:45pm
THU 6/20 @ 9:30pm

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