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War: A Love Story

War: A Love Story

Stage Rage (Portland, ME)

Three Furies are sick of the Greek Patriarchy, so they decide to revamp the story of Aphrodite for a more progressive audience. Interweaving through the story they tell, the Furies become the characters that Aphrodite meets as well as Aphrodite herself, proving time and time again that there is both Love and War in all of us. Stage Rage was originally conceptualized by Megan Tripaldi and Beth Somerville in Portland, ME in 2014 with the creepiest production of King Lear (at least that we had seen). From there we have been generating projects that create original concepts for established work or creating and supporting new and exciting work from local artists based on myths, legends, and stories that have been around for centuries. We want to continue asking why we return to classical works; why do we keep telling these stories and how can we make them more relevant?


SUN 6/16 @ 4:45pm
TUE 6/18 @ 6:30pm
THU 6/20 @ 8:15pm
FRI 6/21 @ 8:15pm
SAT 6/22 @ 3:00pm

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