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Late Night Show! FONDUE! – Fondue!

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POSTED 6/15/2022

The two MCs of Fondue opened the show promising “melty cheesy fun” and brie-live me they were grate…Ok, seriously I’m not one for cheese puns but that’s the kooky, delightful effect of the Fondue team!

Their show was a fun jumble of Cards Against Humanity meets speed dating. The MCs passed out stacks of cards to everyone in the audience which had random phrases and words written on them. The audience was challenged with using them to fill-in-the-blanks of phrases projected on the wall. The catch is you had to find a friend and use your combined cards to complete the phrase AND you had to find a new friend for each new phrase.

What ensued was an exciting scramble as people fanned out to discover the perfect match for phrases like: “My therapist recently told me to try [blank] when I’m [blank]. The winner you ask? “My therapist recently told me to try SWITCHING TO GEICO when I’m FEELING MY FEELINGS.”

I can’t recommend this show enough and the great thing about it is guaranteed to be unique and hilarious every time you see it.

submitted by: E. G. Brego
PortFringe Independent Review Team

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