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REVIEW – Hauntology!

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POSTED 6/9/2021 – The next time you look at the definition of LOL in the dictionary, don’t be surprised if you see Hauntology next to the word. A riot from the first few seconds in, Ella Mock’s work is genius. Using creatively smart and differentiated film angles, materials that just seem to make sense (like who doesn’t believe in the power of rose smelling Holy Water lotion?), and a little of play with the cat, Mock takes audiences on the journey of a seance with humor. A show that I can’t wait to watch again, I can guarantee you – Hauntology is not something that should be ghosted.

–Christina W. Richardson, PortFringe 2021 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/10/2021 – On its face, HAUNTOLOGY! is a video diary of an exorcism. It’s sweet, funny, and scary. The testimonial style narration and lo-tech vibes left me unsure whether I was watching creator and performer Ella Mock as a character or as themselves, which is fun because people taking ghosts seriously always freaks me out.

The show is hilarious from start to finish, from holy water hand lotion and a cleansing that leaves the performer visibly dirtier, to revelations on the term “ghosting”. Mock uses suspense and expectation beautifully. And even though I saw it coming, one jump scare totally got me.

–Mike, PortFringe 2021 Independent Review Team

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