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POSTED 6/9/2021 – Visually attractive shots of the rocky beach, waves crashing, a sweet love story, and Erica Murphy’s intensely incredible dancing are all reasons why I would recommend Selkie. Asking in artistic ways ‘What does it take to choose your own skin?’, Murphy and cast take their audience on a caring journey towards that answer. A heartfelt story that connects to many in real ways, I found myself happily crying by the end from the show’s mere beauty. A true collaboration of acting, film, music, and dance, Selkie is a must see.

–Christina W. Richardson, PortFringe 2021 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/10/2021 – SELKIE is a breathtaking love story on the edge of two worlds. Writer, co-director, and performer Erica Murphy plays creature torn between the land and the sea in this exploration of self-discovery and fate.

In Norse and Celtic folktales, Selkies are shapeshifting seals that can become human by shedding their skin. These legends usually involve a human man stealing a female Selkie’s skin and forcing her to marry him. While keeping the magic of these stories alive, Murphy puts her mythical creature in control of her own fate.

Maine’s dazzling coastline features prominently in this project, most effectively in a stunning dance sequence. Through movement Murphy shows us the Selkie’s discovery of herself in a human body, and seems to dance with the elements of the landscape that surround her. This is all beautifully captured on video by Murphy and co-director and cinematographer Hannah Daly.

–Mike, PortFringe 2021 Independent Review Team