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POSTED 6/2/2023

Lou Sydel is captivating, magnetic, vulnerable, and a powerhouse story teller that will hook your attention immediately. Lou’s piece specifically speaks to the trans experience, however it will certainly resonate with anyone who has felt isolated or struggled with body dysmorphia in any capacity. Though the piece uses recorded voice overs, Lou primarily uses movement, mask work, and even a bit of unique puppetry to explore the theme of gender dysphoria. 10/10 recommend this gorgeous, heartfelt performance.

submitted by: Lindsey Jade Higgins, PF23 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/4/2023

Lou Sydel’s “On the Other Hand” spoke to me on a deep level, as someone who often feels self-conscious of the manner in which I take up space in the world. Throughout their performance, they use a finely tuned combination of physicality and sound to explore the concepts of – and relationships between – gender, gesture, expression, and the body, encouraging the audience to question not only the way we use gesture but also the way we perceive it. Their performance is gorgeous & creative while also being relatable to anyone who has ever felt like their body is a problem to be solved, and makes you feel like you have an understanding friend encouraging you to take up your space in whatever way your body wants to.

submitted by: Kylie Groat, PF23 Independent Review Team