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POSTED 6/3/2023

Duchess Carpathia worked the stage with grace, infectious humor, and multiple costume changes in ‘The Duchess Carpathia Bouffray’. Led by a loud, intriguing voice whose southern tone tickles notes with charm, viewers of ‘The Used Chanteuse’ were taken on a 60-minute journey about the duchess’s love life during a late night show on Friday, June 2 at Three of Strong Spirits.

Mixed with cover songs from multi-generations and genres, puppets, several character voices, and well thought out, witty script, this show delivered bold belly laughs from everyone in attendance. A fresh take on the ups and downs of romance, I am sad this was a one night only performance because it was perfect way to end the night. A must see, 10 out of 10, I want more.

submitted by: Christina W. Richardson, PF23 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/3/2023

When royalty comes to town, that’s usually cause for a party. The Duchess Carpathia Bouffray’s visit to Fringe is, indeed, cause for celebration. A joyous, laugh-a-minute look into the Duchess’s hilarious and hilariously tragic navigation of her love life. This one has it all: puppets, songs, costume changes, and truly well written jokes. The laughs were big: the audience (myself included) had difficulty breathing through the rapid fire dialogue that consistently caused us to double over. With only the Duchess on stage we get a defined and full cast of characters from her overbearing father to her long list of past lovers. In between the many stories we get treated to songs performed as only the Duchess can – though her father believed she couldn’t sing, the confidence and energy on stage showed only a true Star of Song. This performance is bold and brave. I wish such a joyous piece of art didn’t have to be an act bravery, but, I couldn’t help think about it while watching. This piece is flat out funny, silly, over the top, and simply put a triumph -the fact it becomes an act of defiance instead of just a celebration is not something to discuss at length in this review, but I had to wonder who wouldn’t want to have this much fun? As the Duchess wisely states, “Hatred is coupled with a complete lack of creativity.” This room was bursting with creativity as we laughed our way into the night – rum drinks in hand – having as much fun in our seats as the Duchess had on stage.

submitted by: Jake Cote, PF23 Independent Review Team

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