OUR DAILY DREAD – crusty old broads

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POSTED 6/3/2023

Crusty Old Broads “Our Daily Dread” marries interactive performance, storytelling, and ritual into a wacky & unique fringe experince that feels familiar in a way that is difficult to place. It was during the dance break with loaves of bread glued to performers “buns” that I found myself laughing, relating, and scratching my head in complete confusion. I was caught by surprise at how emotional this piece made me feel. At it’s heart, this piece explores the transference of experiences (or stressors & worry) passed from one generation to the next. Possibly the piece requires us to ask, “what if the stories you hold are not your own?” The piece is refreshingly cathartic and provides space to reflect on our own worries while providing a ritual to gently release. Don’t think too much during this piece, allow yourself to experience it!

submitted by: Lindsey Jade Higgins, PF23 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/4/2023

OKAY FIRST OFF WHO GAVE THESE PEOPLE PERMISSION TO MAKE ME LITERALLY CRY WHILE MAKING BREAD?! I am a diligent note taker (it gives me away as press) but I actually had to put my notebook down for this one because I couldn’t write & feel all of my feelings at the same time. Crusty Old Broads’ “Our Daily Dread” combines some of my favorite things – religious satire, deep vulnerability, feminism, and bread – to create a touching meditation on worry, concluding in a communion ritual that touches my sometimes-still-kind-of-religious heart. They may refer to their concept as “half baked” but the show felt warm & hearty & nourishing… though there’s also a chance I’m talking about the bread. This piece will – I’m going to hate myself for this one – give you something to chew on. 😉

submitted by: Kylie Groat, PF23 Independent Review Team