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The Fruit – Kerry Sullivan

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POSTED 6/28/2024

Did you ever fear you were going out of your mind? Well, that’s nothing compared to the wild ride that comes with growing into your mind, according to this delightful spin on the Adam and Eve creation myth. The Fruit retells the oldest of tales in a way that is fresh, witty, poetic, and, hardest of all, sparingly profound. Highly recommended.

Submitted by Mark Shaughnessy: PF24 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/28/2024

While the story of Adam, Eve, and the fruit of knowledge is millennia old, I’ve never seen it told like this. Kerry (Skulls) Sullivan and her co-performer (whose name I regrettably do not know) enact a poetic, visceral, passionate take on the sensory discovery, exploration, naming, and dance of union and differentiation that one might imagine of this archetypal tale of becoming. Completely devoid of any mention of snakes, sin, Lucifer, or other dogmatic traps, it careens along with brilliantly funny wordplay and innocent, insightful exuberance like a chain reaction gone out of control — until, of course, what unfolds becomes all too recognizable…and heartbreaking. Don’t miss it.

Submitted by Amanda Painter: PF24 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/28/2024

Exploring discovery and awakening after taking in an eye opening bite of fruit, you are introduced to two characters and watch them show their audience what it’s finally like to see, or not see. Counting particles, switching perspectives, and using the entire stage to share their story, the chemistry between the actors is solidified in strong body choices and comedic timing. A savvy script that’s sure to leave you questioning the infinite decisions between parallel opposites and what happens when you see them all, it’s worth a watch. ‘The Fruit’ is the definition of what makes a Fringe performance. This show is full of laughs and contemplation in a good way.

Submitted by Christina W. Richardson: PF24 Independent Review Team

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