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Refused a Second Date – Maya Williams & Jared Mongeau

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POSTED 6/28/2024

In poetic form, Refused a Second Date narrates a series of at least five dates in all their fraught glory. Differing goals, cringey words, ambiguous expectations are poured forth with wit, timing, and skill by the two performers reading from lecterns. Lots of laughs infuse the story with a lightheartedness that belies the difficulty. Very well done.

Submitted by Mark Shaughnessy: PF24 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/28/2024

What makes this spoken word performance so engaging is the dynamic interplay of Maya Williams and Jared Mongeau. As they shift between such devices as first-person takes on the same event, numbered lists, and recollection contrasted with present-tense play-by-play, a young adult’s journey through crushes, heartbreak, online dating, grief, and finally a sense of coming home into self and loving partnership takes beautiful shape. Williams has chosen a co-performer worthy of their words, and Mongeau’s physical and vocal expression makes for a great contrast to Williams’s own. That said, sometimes Williams’s voice drops in volume a little too much and is hard to hear — but that can easily be fixed without any fear of losing their wonderful contrast to Mongeau. Fringe-y bonus points for including some audience participation!

Submitted by Amanda Painter: PF24 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/28/2024

The chemistry between Maya Williams and Jared Mongeau in ‘Refused a Second Date’ is undeniably delightful to watch. Diving into the realities of dating, both online and in person, this show prompts laughter, cringe and ick moments, and a full range of emotion that others could experience when looking for that special someone. Delivering highlighted poems from Maya’s latest book, the actors draw their audience in with creative presentation and relatable stories. Using the space and audience fully, you are sure to stay engaged throughout the entire show. Mature audiences – this is a must see.

Submitted by Christina W. Richardson: PF24 Independent Review Team

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