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REVIEWS: A Gluten Farewell Tour

I wasn’t sure if I should order an Allagash White before sitting down for Kate Ghiloni’s show, A Gluten Free Farewell. After all, maybe she was about to take us on her harrowing journey through Celiac or some other real-life awful disease that makes it impossible to tolerate beer. But honestly I had just realized that this appeared to be a straight-up stand-up show and that makes me nervous so I took the risk and sat in the second row with my plastic cup, just in case. I’m not always all-in for stand-up shows but I do have extremely high respect for those who tread those risky waters. I am grateful to report that I had nothing to fear because, dear Fringe-goers, Kate is the real freakin’ deal. Her nearly one-hour set of honest hilarity makes me want her to be my new BFF. How could I not relate to someone who tells the difficult truth about baguettes – after 25 minutes they become hard enough to be used as tools and must therefore be considered single-serving size. Her estimation that the one thing we have perfected as a nation is take-out, especially the soft, hand-made rice noodle kind of take-out meant to be retrieved in pajamas and eaten in bed, is the best political analysis I’ve heard in years. Seasoned with dashes of well-considered snark and down-to-earth truth telling, A Gluten Free Farewell tour is well worth an hour of your Fringe. Don’t miss this one.

— BESS WELDEN, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

A more traditional stand-up set at PortFringe, but don’t let that stop you. Kate Ghiloni’s consideration of what we do for love, grocery shopping, office pastries, and how we get to world peace is worthy of your consideration. Go and laugh, you deserve it. You deserve it all.

— majeem, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

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