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For Why is a journey through an epic sonic landscape. These earnest musicians take the audience through a sea of dimension and layers beginning with a voice over of a drunken conversation between two good friends about the the dynamics of sound and vision (as well as a mind-blowing fact about Polar Bears!) and through this joyous conversation we travel through various modes of sound created by instruments, screens, voice-overs, as well as a projected orb slowing morphing into another color of the spectrum, guiding us to each new planet. The instruments continue to become more elaborate (and big! I won’t ruin the surprise!) It’s a journey for the patient but full of reward. Expect to unplug the chatter of your mind, ride the wave, and hopefully leave The Apohadion with a greater sense of calm, wonder and gratitude for that which is maybe impossible to define.

— TESS VAN HORN, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

This duo of an artist, Hannah Bevens, and musician Hans Indigo Spencer, collectively known as Quapico, create arresting soundscapes. For Why is part jam session, part meditative practice. I was torn – stay present and watch the magic happen, or close my eyes and float away on an air. The performance zoomed by as accordions, keyboard, saxophone, stringed instruments and vocalizing took turns being the featured player, weaving in and out of other sound captures, conversations, street noise; looping and repeating in melodic fashion, sometimes with a beat, but more often than not with a variety of simple to complex rhythmic tones. I really enjoyed this performance. Do yourself a favor and take the time to enjoy this great show.

majeem, The PortFringe 2019 Review Team

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