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REVIEWS: g e e l

Give me some geel. Go get some. Forget the wine, the weed, the weird. This is as pure as it gets. You’ll walk out feeling just fine. And yes, if I wasn’t assigned to review this show, I might have swiped left when I saw the “interactive” description. Put on your brave shoes, see an artist who embodies live performance. You won’t regret it.

— LINDA SHARY, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

Rene Goddess is an unparalleled presence of light, and that is abundantly clear in her (very) interactive performance of GEEL. “Performance” almost doesn’t feel like the right word- as this show is more of an “opportunity”. Viewers are invited and instructed to connect and move along with Rene, to create a hub of togetherness. To move, and dance, and to share- these are the things that are asked of you. For those who may be uncomfortable making eye contact with a stranger- it is worth checking in with yourself to see if this kind of immersive experience will leave your bucket empty. For those who wish to cultivate new connections, exist in a purgatory of kindness, and who find themselves longing to push their own boundaries- this is an hour wonderfully well spent.

–MACKENZIE BARTLETT, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

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