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REVIEWS: Prince of Mystery

The Prince alludes to life in a basement, but I believe this magic show may have been incubated in the rehearsal space that ‘The Cure’ used to write ‘From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea’. A deadpan and mischievous magician delivers comedic misses, misdirections, and sleight of clammy-hand, stacking them until they collapse and resolve into surprise victories. A real grinner.

–ASHLEY KOTZUR, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

Even if you don’t love magic like I do, this show is classic, low-brow, vaudeville-esq, self-depreciating, fun entertainment. A nice addition to a Fringe menu when you just want something that goes down easy but still is a little edgy and challenging. Even with the intimate audience we were all belly-laughing and probably should all have gone for beers afterwards. 

— LINDA SHARY, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

Magic with a twist. Super fun, witty and wry with some well- (and some humorously not-so-well-) executed illusions. Adapted in places to make a more family-friendly show for our audience, still with great humor, combined with fun musical interludes and fantasticical incantations (karma chameleon, to name just one), The Prince of Mystery lives up to his moniker – you’re not sure what this is all about, but you’re having a great time anyway.

— majeem, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

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