REVIEWS: The Boardroom: Bradley Birthwright Makes A Scene

Capraconmist Productions’ offering The Boardroom: Bradley Birthwright Makes a Scene takes gleeful pleasure in sending up some of our country’s greediest, most corrupt players in business and politics. What amounts to a reading of a somewhat too-long short play requires audience members to read all the roles, so if you’re disappointed that you aren’t performing on a Fringe stage this year, here’s your chance to take on the part of a master/mistress of malfeasance. The satire is spot-on in terms of the ugly truth but the execution of the show seems like more fun for the participants than the audience.

— BESS WELDEN, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

Scott Patterson continues the corporate shenanigans of the Birthwright clan (first seen in last PortFringe 2018’s ‘Birtthwright Industries Annual Shareholder Meeting’) and again creates a darkly comedic and thought provoking lesson in corporate greed. The setting is a Christmas Eve board meeting and unlike last year’s one-person show, Scott gets the audience involved to play the various board members (original characters mixed with real-life corporate villains). He provides scripts for the participants as well as some wonderfully fringy DIY props. The script is witty and smart and has many cringe-worthy moments. Relying heavily on audience participation for a fringe show is always a risk but I think Scott’s gamble really paid off. An entertaining interactive show that’s a lot of fun.

— MARK MAGEE, PortFringe 2019 Review Team