REVIEWS: The Doors of Misperception

A thought-provoking showcase of short plays by local playwrights. I especially liked the first mini-play “Waiting in the Wings” by Richard Sewall in which two actors have a tender but awkward exchange back stage right before their cue to go on – I was especially moved by Jackie Oliveri’s vulnerability and honesty. A clever idea to have all the plays center around an actual door leaving us to wonder “what will happen once they exit that door?”

— TESS VAN HORN, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

Four short plays written by Seth Berner, Richard Sewell, Hal Cohen, and Joe Swenson that all center around a door. With that intriguing premise, each play is refreshingly unique and original. The acting by the writers themselves accompanied by Molly McGill, Jackie Oliveri and Bob LeBlanc is first rate. Funny, suspenseful and thought provoking — truly excellent work by all involved.

–MARK MAGEE, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

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