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REVIEWS: [this is not an escape room] at PortFringe Installation Fest

It was a total joy to be able to participate in this installation aka escape room through the lens of Wynn (Win?), our host, requesting that we follow through with their solstice request of “restoring the monarch”. Although there were some very real logistical issues tech wise, our group of very savvy and smart investigators were able to almost completely solve the riddle before time was up (and trust me, the riddles were tricky!). I’m sure that as the night progressed each group was able to have an even fuller experience as the technical kinks were worked out. A total inventive and clever communal experience. A big hand to Chimera Theater Collective for putting it all together!

–TESS VAN HORN, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

Ummm, I need to tell you something. Shhh, come here. This was an escape room. Shhh. Keep that info under your hat. Okay? Don’t tell anyone. Chimera Collective did a fun job in creating a bare bones escape room. They did a really great job in creating a fairly cohesive group from just a bunch of folks standing in line. Through the appeal to get in line early because of space limitations to the nametags with amazing b-list cult movies to the providence of good weather, Chimera Collective got my group of people to the door with time to cohere a bit before they introduced the lovely weird story line: Reboot the cult leader, Oss. First I need to tell you I hate escape rooms. I am an introvert. And I think I have dyslexia and dyscalculia. And I forgot my reading glasses so I couldn’t see the small letters and numbers anyway. But this installation thought about different ways of being. The appeal of the Chimera Collective, for me, is their drive to create inclusive spaces. [this is not an escape room] was smart, timely (loved the incorporation of the Summer Solstice into the piece…YAY!), and so much fun.

–BRIDGET M., PortFringe 2019 Review Team

Given the chance, would you restore or overthrow a Monarchy? Wynn, our guide, scattered a trail of breadcrumbs marinated in delicious connivance, but his brand of eyeliner was hungry for power and couldn’t be trusted. This group chose restoration over revolution. I would have liked to see more performance from Wynn, or maybe a larger cast. A challenging mix of puzzles and a fun time.

— ASHLEY KOTZUR, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

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