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REVIEWS: The Unkindest Cut

Depression sucks. Describing depressive episodes suck. Talking about going into the dark places and rationalizing the negative self-talk, the self-harm, the suicidal ideation to someone who only tangentially/obliquely understands is hellish and debilitating. The Unkindest Cut explains all that. Jocelyn Leighton and J Dionne move on stage as the embodiment of logic and emotion, wobbling through the process of moving out of that dark space. They vacillate between glimmers of being almost okay to not not not really fucking not okay with rhythmic scripting of words and movement. They weave their bodies around the process of self-soothing with spiraling repetition as spoken word acts as both knife and band-aid. We the audience are left with hope and an understanding of those dark episodes are like. As dark as those episodes might be, this piece is beautiful.

— BRIDGET M., PortFringe 2019 Review Team

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