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REVIEWS: Procession

Muscleflea charmingly showcases four major emotional points in the human experience and invites their intimate audience to validate and step though the motions of each with them. The artist guides the group with a mixture of gentle intellectualism, clear and consent based audience interaction as well as technically sound and effective looped sounds that are created live. This piece is a great introduction to interactive theater for those that want to celebrate the art form, but are nervous about diving in.

–TARRA BOUCHARD, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

A deliciously filling Fringe highlight that serves 12. Ingredients: four cups of ritual, a pinch of Carl Sagan, a dash of upright bass, one Boss RC-30 Loop Station, 6oz of rosemary, 1 polished stone, 1 orange, 24 drops of water. Deftly combine all the ingredients in a warm venue before walking outside to marinate. Allow to settle before serving. Garnish with ukelele to taste.

— ASHLEY KOTZUR, PortFringe 2019 Review Team

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