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Full On Sobbing – Shannon Campbell

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POSTED 6/27/2024

Shannon Campbell needs to act. This is the take home message of Full on Sobbing. She had three kids, a husband who was not so supportive of her art, a divorce, a bunch of bad dates, all the usual barriers. We’ve heard it all before. Truth told, I sometimes cringe at the prospect of a solo show by a middle aged person lamenting the banal tragedies of life. But here’s the thing. Shannon Campbell really does need to act. Full On Sobbing is witty, poignant, well written, and a joy to watch. I loved it. Thank you, Shannon, for continuing to act.

Submitted by Mark Shaughnessy PF24 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/27/2024

There is an art and a craft to shaping personal experience into a piece of true theater, and Shannon Campbell has nailed it. I loved the fluid and clear switching between various characters’ physical and vocal postures and her direct addresses to the audience, and how specific Campbell has been in choosing which autobiographical moments to showcase. She earns our laughter and our empathy in equal measure. Even more, I loved how the piece’s narrative structure includes some recurring themes that build to a satisfying and very funny punchline. One that’s actually kinda profound if you think about it.

Submitted by Amanda Painter: PF24 Independent Review Team

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