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The Violence of Comfort – 60 Grit Theatre Company

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POSTED 6/27/2024

The Violence of Comfort bills itself as being about the consequences of choosing comfort or unfamiliarity. Honestly, I might not have gotten that had I not read the billing, because the show is artfully abstract. Making effective use of costumes, masks, orbs, crisp choreography, and few words, The 60 Grit Theatre Company goes all in with the Fringe vibe. Good for them.

Submitted by Mark Shaughnessy PF24 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/27/2024

One of the things I enjoy most about performance pieces that are all movement and music with few or no words spoken is the way the experience gives my mind an opportunity to focus only on the patterns and pace of what I am watching. What is getting repeated? What person or gesture is not like the others? When does a pattern change, what instigated it, and what happens as a result? Then the real fun begins: allowing meaning to emerge as I recognize the familiar amidst the initial strangeness. What 60 Grit Theatre Company has created, through an elegant simplicity of gesture and mask, emerges as a clear commentary on how caught up we can get in going along with what we’ve gotten used to and grown numb to, and how life can open out into actually living again when we choose the brief discomfort of making a different choice. I loved every moment of it.

Submitted by Amanda Painter: PF24 Independent Review Team

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