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Story Time – Brian Daly

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POSTED 6/29/2024

Story Time by Brian Daly shows the audience via ample telling that anyone that’s dabbled in a Liberal Arts degree has all met the self-satisfied lead character of this show. Daly plays with caricatures of neurotypical, cynical and overly romanticized versions of the writer at work while lampooning literary colonialism and that one professor that makes you buy his book as an example of excellent writing. If you feel you need a refresher on Transporting Your Audience and know you’re ready to look fully into the Birth of Creation, here’s a show you can’t miss.

Submitted by Tarra Haskell: PF24 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/29/2024

I am tempted to title this review “The Secret Life of Marshmallows.” But that would reflect only a tiny sliver of what the writing students depicted here share with each other (and us), thanks to their inexplicably intrepid, peculiarly pedantic, and masterfully misguided creative writing teacher. As an anal-retentive neurotic, a kitten-sweatshirt-wearing woman, and an actor with an actual clue navigate the rules of writing — as handed down to them from on high (or, at least, from just about the worst adult ed teacher ever) — you may find yourself reflected in their triumphs and travails, like the face of a bearded old man leaning over the side of a boat on a clear, calm day in the best of times. But dear god, I hope not! You will, however, laugh. A lot. Watch out, Dickens and Hemingway… The Art of Story is coming for you.

Submitted by Amanda Painter: PF24 Independent Review Team

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